SynAApS, l’hébergeur Cloud certifié Sécurité et agréé Santé, ouvre un site d’hébergement PaaS-IaaS-Housing à Paris pour accompagner sa croissance

| 4 avril 2017

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Villeurbanne, April 04, 2017 – SynAApS, a leading provider of Cloud services in France, opens a PaaS-IaaS-Housing hosting site in Paris to support its growth and meet the demand for markets that are among the most demanding in terms of security And availability.

SynAApS Datacenter Technologies has established itself over the years as a Cloud Quality host in France.

SynAApS was building a first High Availability datacenter in 2009. The host opened a second data center in 2013 to expand its hosting capabilities while integrating native PC- based PRA-PCA devices on its redundant multi-site infrastructure.

One year later, SynAApS obtained ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certification on all of its infrastructure and hosting offerings. The following year, the HADS Health Accreditation for the accommodation of personal health data was issued to him.

In 2016, SynAApS launched the first human PRA offer in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, to perfect the operational excellence of its customers and partners in the event of a physical disaster on their IT infrastructure and / or offices.

This approach of excellence, constant over the years, has brought SynAApS on the podium of Trusted Cloud Hosts in France.

SynAApS is well known to all types of organizations: IT services companies, software publishers, information technicians, health laboratories, liberal professions, local authorities, etc., with special recognition from the most demanding markets Of data security, medical and paramedical sector in figurehead.

Today, SynAApS opens a new Cloud hosting site, located in the heart of Paris, to accompany its strong growth. SynAApS geographically gets closer to the very large private and public French accounts, while still maintaining the sustainability of its Quality strategy in the eyes of its customers and regional partners.

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About SynaApS Datacenter Technologies (Ciril GROUP)

SynAApS Datacenter Technologies is the reference quality host in the French territory. SynAApS offers companies and local authorities the highest security and availability standards for PaaS, IaaS and Housing services, thanks to:

  • ISO 27001: 2013 certification of all its infrastructures and offers of accommodation
  • The HADS Health Accreditation for hosting health and personal data
  • Native PCA and PCA devices over a completely redundant physical and network infrastructure
  • A human PRA service contract guaranteeing the resumption of activity in rescue offices interconnected to the customer’s IT infrastructure.

With a 100% availability since 2011, SynAApS supports more than 200 clients and private and public partners through all types of Cloud hosting projects. The SynAApS hosting infrastructure, spread over several geographic sites located exclusively in metropolitan France, is designed and operated from end to end by SynAApS ‘Systems, Networks and Security teams.

SynaApS ( ) is a division of Ciril GROUP ( )

Press contact: Camille ROSSI – Marketing and Communication Ciril GROUP – +33 (0) 4 72 69 16 80 – .



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